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VCA veterinary group; VP of Learning


+ Pet Cancer Care for General Veterinary Practitioners to screen for pet cancer

Worked with industry-leading Veterinary Oncologists to create a comprehensive training program to educate Veterinary General Practitioners, aka your typical Veterinarian, on how to screen for various cancers. The overarching goal of this program is to save the lives of many beloved pets by catching cancerous tumors early, using a variety of tools, processes and procedures. Very rewarding!

+ Medical Transcription for Veterinary Technicians -

Created a first-of-its-kind Medical Transcription training program for Veterinary Technicians across over 1,000 VCA hospitals. This program is VCA’s  most-popular and most-requested for outside usage, leading to a partnership with an international, not-for-profit association that provides certification for medical paraprofessionals. Courses created will be offered as study material for a brand-new industry certification launching in Fall 2023.

+Create Technical Diagrams/Illustrations for Capnography interpretation

Provided with:

+ Bi-weekly access to Veterinary Oncologists and Vet Tech Managers
+ Videos from the vets onsite performing procedures
+ VCA brand assets


75% of the Medical Transcription Program
45% of the Pet Cancer Care Program

This was a tough one since I am not a trained medical expert, so of course there was a huge learning curve. Iwas still able to execute to the full satisfaction of the client;
still working together to date.

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